Staff Directory

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Name Department E-Mail Address Phone Number
Wagner, Jason Principal (718)-904-5090 ext. 2226/7
Layer, Daniel Assistant Principal (718)-904-5090 ext. 2140
Reyes, Clara  Assistant Principal, I.A. (718)-904-5090 ext. 2142
Aida, Adel Secretary (718)904-5090 ext. 2222
Barzelatto, Lisa  Math
Bayron, Natasha  Guidance (718)-904-5090 ext. 2382
Bisogne, Anthony  Math
Buena, Lea  Science
Burgess, Tanisha Paraprofessional
Cepeda, Claudio Paraprofessional
Clark, Christopher  Social Studies
Colon, Avril Department of Climate and Culture (718)-904-5090 ext. 2441/2442
Colon, Jennifer  English
Davis, Edward Department of Climate and Culture (718)-904-5090 ext. 2441/2442
Decker, Matthew Health and Physical Education
DeSisto, Maria Special Education
DiSanto, Ronald Health and Physical Education
Frank, Alex  Social Studies
Frazier, Shane Special Education
Garza , Elizabeth English
Herzek, Charles English
Iezza, Cathy Main office  (718)-904-5090 ext. 2225
Jean-Pierre, Cassandra Special Education
Jones, Matthew Mathematics
Kehrer, Tom  Social Studies
Kola, Christine  Science
Lucas, Samantha  Guidance (718)-904-5090 ext. 2384
Mahamad, Intiaz Science  
Manning, Andrew  Special Education  (718)-904-5090 ext. 2213
McDonald, Mallory Mathematics
McDonald, Michael Mathematics
Martinez, Adaneriz  Paraprofessional
McKinzie, Akira English as a Second Language
Morel, Ramon  Special Education
Myal, Franklyn  Special Education
Parham, Tony  Special Education
Pavletich, Lauren Science
Perri, Diane  Main Office (718)-904-5090 ext. 2224
Pineda, Jessica Parent Coordinator (718)-904-50590 ext. 2371
Poor, David Special Education  
Ramirez, Julia Guidance (718)-904-5090 ext. 2383
Reisner, Amy  English
Romero, Mercy  Spanish
Santiago, Nancy Paraprofessional
Simanovich, Jay  School Social Worker  (718)-904-5090 ext. 2381
Smith, Alexander Guidance
Taubman, David Vocal Music
Tejeda, Gisela Paraprofessional N/A
Tiburcio, Jose Spanish