Our Core Values

EQUITY– We share a commitment to equality and equity in education which has as its foundation the premise that all students can learn and be successful.

COMMUNICATION– We are committed to sharing information about our school with students, parents, teachers and community members. Family contact will be early and often and will include outreach via many different methods and media.

CHARACTER– We share a commitment to our personal integrity as well as to others’ integrity by daily practicing the essential traits for success in a civil society: grit, determination, optimism, curiosity and self-control.

MAKING CONNECTIONS– We understand that subject areas have a natural tendency to blend and merge and that knowledge and inquiry in one area necessarily informs another. We value crossing barriers between subject areas in order to increase our overall understanding.

COLLABORATION– Teachers, students, administrators and the community work together to create a school of excellence. In the classroom this is modeled with a teacher-as-coach and a student-as-leader approach to education.